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Recent study's findings published from Duke University Medical Center validates Exude's fitness methodology. Study also corroborates the best exercises for weight loss first revealed twenty-five years ago by Exude's Pioneer, Edward Jackowski, Ph.D. You can learn about specific weight loss prescriptions by reading any of Edward's books including; Hold it You're Exercising Wrong (Simon & Schuster), Escape Your Shape (Simon & Schuster) or Escape Your Weight (St. Martin's Press).

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"How to Escape Your Shape"
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"Escape Your Baby Weight"

Exude founder & CEO Edward Jackowski, Ph.D., appointed as CGS's Lifestyle expert with The Caregiver Space. - See more


Escape your Shape

For those who want to lose a dress or pants size in just 8-days, our patented body type system is also available through our EYS Kit.

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Exude for Diabetes

Learn how to effectively combat and prevent diabetes, guaranteed to help you lead a more active and healthy lifestyle.

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Exude Entertainment

For celebrities, entertainers and high profile personalities - where looking and performing your best is of the essence to your career.

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Exude for Golf

How getting Fit to a Tee will increase your distance for all golf shots & lower golf scores for all levels of golfers alike.

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